Dinner and Dance to raise funds for a child-headed family in need.

There are many harsh realities in South Africa, and it is sometimes overwhelming to consider where to even start to make a difference. One of these realities is that there are tens of thousands of child-headed households in our country. We, however, have the opportunity to help one of them.

In a community in Howick is a family of five children (names omitted for respect of their privacy); the eldest daughter (20 years old) is studying law and spends every weekend and holiday working at a pizza restaurant in order to pay for her studies, keep the home running, and take care of her younger siblings (who are 17, 13, 5 and just under 2 years old). Their mother passed away tragically this year, and the children have three different fathers, all who are barely, if at all, involved in their children’s care.

Fortunately, a member of the church community in Pietermaritzburg has taken on the responsibility of helping where she can to provide for the children’s needs. For over five years Wendy Francis, a qualified teacher & vice chair lady at the school became involved with the children’s mother who also taught at the school for 12 years.

The Hats Benefit’s goal is to provide her as far as possible with the finances, resources and services she needs in order to give these children the upbringing they deserve and would otherwise not have had. The house the children live in is basically furnished, however much of their furniture is broken, their roof is damaged and unsafe, and they lack decent plumbing and wiring in the home.

We hereby invite you to attend The Hats Benefit to enjoy a dinner and support the family in need. This will be held at the Collegians Club on Saturday the 27th of October starting at 6.30pm.
R130.00 per ticket

The evening will include:

  • A two-course meal and snacks.
  • Wine and juice per table.
  • Music and dancing.
  • Don’t forget to wear a hat.

Please bring cash to enter the raffle to win amazing prizes. (R20 per raffle ticket)
All ticket proceeds will go directly to the supporting family.


How else can I help?
If you are unable to attend the event but would still like to support this worthy cause, you can donate financially by using the link on the right, or provide help with the following needs:

The family would benefit from any of the following household items

  • Bunk bed for the two boys
  • A bed for the eldest daughter
  • A desk
  • A stove
  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Paint

If you are unable to provide resources, but are willing to offer services to fix their home, the family would benefit from:

  • A builder
  • A plumber
  • An electrician
  • Assistance planting a vegetable garden.

If you would like to donate in any of the above ways, please see contact details below:
Wendy Francis
Cell: 083 326 3539
Email: wendyjanef@gmail.com


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